I'm Back Again

July 23, 2019 • ☕️ 1 min read

After a long time with my site off air pain. I decided to come back again and bring content about technology, programming, career and other topics that I may be posting as well. And before really getting to grips with the content I want to do, I’d like to contextualize you by telling you a little bit about my career.

I started as a PHP programmer, working with ecommerce projects, then played a lot of time with WordPress. At this time, I only talked about it on my blog and social networks, but I ended up getting tired, because I worked as a freelancer and because of management problems, I chose to work in a company instead of being on my own. It was in this company that my path in programming changed a lot. I ended up learning CakePHP, Laravel, gulp, Node.js

I am currently working as a javascript developer doing outsource in the evolux company where I work as fullstack with the help of python. I’m focusing on Javascript using Node.JS, React and Reduce. This year I decided to enter a university in the Bachelor of Information Technology course (hopefully I can finish it) among other extra activities I have participated in organizing the Natal community.JS, I have maintained other side projects and among the main ones are fastexpress and the withmoney. I will talk more about them in the future.

David Costa

JavaScript Engineer, maintainer of withmoney project, fastexpress package and works at Papa

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